I have been campaigning for claire since the very start, when Catherine her mum first asked me to help set up the petition up, and how to raise awareness i told her to make a group and post everyday, a diary which she has.

I’m  disgusted and outraged what has happened to calire it’s  inhumane to do this she is autistic with needs, not to be locked away from  the outside world – wheres care in the community, we are not in the late 1950’s – we are in the 21st century,  we all need to shout now and shout loud!

we need to raise as much awareness as possible now

please send your selfies into me via email kevin@kevinhealey.net

tweet them to me @kevin_healey

inbox them to me on facebook


claire will see things much visual than words show your support and love to her by sending in your selfie


please include the hashtags

#saveclairedyer #keepclaireinswansea