(click on above image to make it larger- James left, right Martin Finn)

what an amazing Day its been it all sarted very early this morning with an interview on BBC radio Stoke then off to the studios, we finished around 430pm today, the songs that will be released are (James meakin), elton John cover of your song, and (Martin Finn), cover of Rownan Keatin (when you say nothing at all)

both track’s will be available on iTunes within the next week, and CD’s will be on sale in the next 5 weeks, and I’m sure both will be massive hits, martins mother and father accompanied martin, what amazing parents they are too, martin and james really both enjoyed the day, a big thank you to tom at the studio, and to the film crew, (can’t wait to see all the 240 photos, let alone the two amazing Music videos, most importantly such a BIG THANKYOU to the talented wonderful Martin Finn & James meakin for supporting and giving there time and energy to support such a wonderful Autism Charity Staffs adults Autistic Society & Autism Radio UK (Martin Finn Ambassador for the only Autism Radio station in the UK)