Jackie Fletcher Whose son suffered server brain damage after he was given the Controversial MMR vaccine has been awarded £90,000 compensation for her son. (but her son is not Autistic)

Robert’s mother Jackie said the money would help with his care, though she described the amount as ‘derisory’.

Her first application for compensation under the Government’s Vaccine Damage Payment Scheme was rejected in 1997 on the grounds that it was impossible to prove beyond reasonable doubt what had caused Robert’s illness.

The controversy over a suggested link between MMR and autism erupted in 1998 when Dr Wakefield published a paper in The Lancet medical journal.

His work has since been discredited and earlier this year Dr Wakefield, who has moved to America, was struck off the medical register after the General Medical Council ruled that he had acted against the interests of patients and ‘failed in his duties as a responsible consultant’.

MMR campaigners,  Robert Fletcher ruling is a small but significant milestone in their efforts to prove that the vaccine is not safe for a few children, even though the Government insists it is and that serious reactions are rare.

in today’s papers though it sates that her son did not have Autism, but Autism campaigner Polly Tommey who edits the Autism File magazine says in the daily mail today that her son Billy is Autistic because of the MMR, and she said this is fantastic news,

Again there is no scientific evidence that’s says the MMR is linked to Autism, and the Department of health have said the vaccine is completely  safe,

my twin had a single vaccination and had fits later on we always thought to some degree that there could be a possible link, but there is no evidence no proof that the MMR causes Autism

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