My MP Paul farrelly wrote too twitter at the beginning of this month too ask them verify my account because of the constant impersonation and twitter cloning, both Staffordshire police and now my MP have asked but they still refuse to verify me with no reason, so it looks like they accept impersonation and twitter cloning on there platform, now is this good practice for this technology age in the 21st century that they allow this too still happen, I’ve asked twitter over the last 12 months to verify me because trolls pretend to be me not only this is having a huge impact on my campaign work, when other campaigners out there who haven’t had the abuse or impersonation that I’ve had they get there account verified, no even if twitter did verify me it wouldn’t stop the impersonation but atleast people will know who the real Kevin is, so is this not what verification is all about protecting people?

constant impersonation, stalking, trolling, cloning, cyberbullying, I’ve had and it’s all on the twitter platform nowhere else just twitter