I couldn’t belive what I saw and read on the news today that David Cameron PM has said to the media just don’t go on the social media sites…

His quote

David Cameron said: “There’s something all of us can do as well as parents and as users of the internet and that is not use some of these vile sites, boycott them, don’t go there, don’t join them.

Well I’m a user of the Internet and I have autism and spend most if not all of my social life online because I can’t do social things like others take for granted like going to a nightclub or to a local pub, it’s obvious Cameron has not taken into account that people with autism spend there life online to socialise and by been on line I’m open upto all sorts of online abuse

I ask shouldn’t the government be protecting people with autism online and changing the current hate crime laws that simply don’t work for people with autism

And I ask the question still why won’t David Cameron meet me to discuss the seriousness of online abuse, I have had many generic letters from the PM and the deputy leader saying they are too busy too meet, well it’s simply not good enough these very important issues of the modern 21st century need addressing as a matter of urgency