Quick poll suggests i shouldn’t Lock down my account

After so much, though I’ve decided not to lock down my Twitter account, I put a poll out on Twitter the other day, during the weekend I was cyber mobbed by a group of people on Twitter, they were quite voluminous, cyber bullying can happen in different ways, even gobbing off about the person, or even setting up a mini hate campaign, that’s what one of the troll leaders attempted to do at the weekend, but failed sadly.

Block means block on Twitter

The block button is completely useless on Twitter, I’ve found out that the venomous trolls can still view your tweets via Google, or if they use another Twitter handle, so the block button in essence does not work, I’ve been informed that this particular troll is taking screen shots of my tweets and tweeting them out, even though this troll has a handful of followers, and does not even engage with people on Twitter, I don’t want to give this troll attention because that’s what they crave for.

People who get trolled lock their Twitter accounts and protect their tweets, I’m not…
So I carried out an online poll on Twitter, and 62 percent said no don’t lock my account, if I did lock down my account, then people whom want my support, or trying to view my tweets won’t able to, because once your Twitter account is locked, protected tweets, only your followers can see your tweets, and this has limited interaction, then on my Account, Twitter still need to do allot more when it comes to online protection and security, even for example three years of continuous impersonation I’ve endured on Twitter and no protection or security from that.