It’s been quite hectic the last few years, so my film has been put off, but now that I’ve found the right producer, and film maker, the planning stages and the short film will be made next year, exciting times Ahead we also plan to do a film premiere of it in Stoke On Trent,

Twin Brothers Words Apart

twin brothers worlds apart

I’ve decided to start it off as a short film, approx 15, 20 Min’s in length, which will be based on me around the age of 8 years old, in the film/drama it will show me been at school, and how i coped and the bullying issues i faced, i will probably do the voice over for the film, after it will be entered into film premiere screenings, so that maybe one day we can get the film turned into a feature film, has a person living with autism at the age of 41 now i feel that autism is portrayed incorrectly in the media, and on TV and films, we are not all the ‘rainman’.

My story
we are looking for people with acting skills to take part in the film, this can be even people with Asperger/Autism, there will be various scenes in the film, such as a street scene, School, and home life scenes, at the moment the script is been written up by the film Maker Andrew Dobosz.

exciting times, by film will be based in the late 1970’s early 80’S
we are looking to do castings for the film in March next year, so if you would like to get involved do drop me a line or comment below

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