The ITV debate this thursday will the leaders mention autism in there campaigns or plans? So far they haven’t mentioned Autism in there manifestos.
the government still but autism at the bottom of the political agenda.

Now funding is given to local autism charity’s, lots of small autism UK charity’s have to solely rely on donations from the public and various fundraising events, no statutory funding is given and this is not good enough, as charity’s like SAAS actually provide a core service which th local authority should put in place but the real FACT is they don’t.

Staffordshire Adults autistic society SAAS is one of the largest growing adult charity’s in the UK with now over 170 service users accessing there services. If SAAS Was not in existence lots of users would suffer from server mental health problems, isolation, loneliness etc, SAAS provide a range of services including, outings, day trips, social events, training, autism conferences, telephone help line, autism resource information centre, autism library, volunteer opportunities and much more