Channel 4 are to televised  a new series directed by David Dehaney called ‘Young, Autistic and Stagestruck.’ The Channel 4 series follows nine autistic youngsters as they try to produce their own stage show, guided by theatre professionals.These professionals have never worked with a cast of young people who are all on the autism spectrum.

The first episode of the series introduces the first five youngsters. Twelve-year-old Ben has high functioning autism: he’s exceptionally bright but experiences acute loneliness. But as the project develops he starts to bond successfully with the other youngsters.

Andrew, 17, is classically autistic, and despite limited social skills, he is very keen to have his first proper relationship with a girl. From day one he starts getting closer to Claire, 19, and takes her on the first date of his life: a night at the cinema. Claire is a talented singer and pianist who also struggles socially.

Mollie, 11, is prone to tantrums and lengthy sulks, which test her mother’s considerable patience. She suffers from PDA – Pathological Demand Avoidance – a pervasive developmental disorder with symptoms including mood swings, language delay and obsessive behaviour. A talented singer, Mollie was diagnosed with autism at four.

Eleven-year-old Jozsef is more challenged by his autism, but his playfulness makes him endearing to others and soon turns him into the group joker.

at the beginning of the program the lady who was leading the workshop said after the first hour session she felt as though she had been hit by a truck?? i wonder what she meant by this, was it all too much for her?

When i watched the first episode Ben 12 did not want to participate in the group session he did no want to stand and take part, and to me that’s completely fine as he said he felt uncomfortable. Ben was quite direct and very outspoken which i though was quite funny he was to the point.

Ben says’ he has a negative personality

Andrew his parents said  he was diagnosed with classical Autism, at the age of 5, but had quite good communication skills and interacted quite well with others, he was interacting quite well with Claire including hugs, which i know quite allot of classical autistics don’t like touch or that social contact, when been interviewed he came across quite well with the presenter

Joseph 11 classes as severely Autistic, did have limited communication skills, he likes to have several baths a day and  likes the contact with water

Claire 19, was a fantastic singer very HF and could play the piano, as well as singing classical songs, i thought she was remarkably gifted.

overall i thought the first program was really good, but on the same token every person whether they are Autistic, Classic, kanner, Asperger, HF each one is different in there own way they all have different ability, and talents, and it was good to see more awareness been shown on British TV