we have been filming for a few months now, and we are getting very close to the end of this amazing film, its been exciting and I’ve met some Wonderfull amazing people, the whole cast have been so Wonderfull and amazing i couldn’t have asked for a better team, Callum has been such an amazing younger actor who’s had so much patience along with his mother Nichola who also stars in the film as the ‘nasty woman’ then we have Anthony who’s been playing shaun such a difficult role to play and he’s portrayed this amazingly, Mark who’s played by Jacob has been amazing as well, we have also have the parents Margaret and Patrick, played by Nichola and Mark, then we have jean, played by Jacky  with her husband in the film, and the nosey neighbour played by amanda, the headteacher played by Harrington, and the teacher  Mrs Carter played by laura, all the extras in the film have also been amazing, Andrew who’s the filmmaker has been such a perfectionist  and I’m sure the finishing result will be amazing. Julie kearns has also been amazing letting us take over her house and film various scenes, along with the support cast and crew

We hope to have the film premier in February 2017 then it will go on the film circuit then later released on DVD later on to find out more about the film please visit the official Website and please DONATE whatever you can it will mean so much to make this film amazing!