As the new year dawns our government have still not decided the fate of Garry Mckinnon, Gary a guy with Asperger syndrome was just looking for UFO evidence, and has been facing 7 years of sheer anxiety, and mental health problems, to face 60 years in an American prison let alone to see is family again, i have read a few articles about some adults with A/S in the American prison’s some have been cruelly tortured, name calling razors put in there shoes, and other horrendous things, what appals me that not many Autism charitys have supported Gary and his family.

Janis an inspirational mother who is fully protecting her son from the American’s when i recently attended the Demo outside the Home office i was pleased to see Nick Clegg supporting Gary and talking on British TV that this should be stopped, alongside the few hand full of MP.s who were there to support Gary.

what saddens me is the response we have not got back from Her majesty the Queen or the US president (no response and no letters) Janis sent a direct letter to the Queen and over 50 bunches of flowers to ask for compassion did Her Majesty acknowledge Janis Sharp?

what will happen when Gary is extradited to the US will he soon be forgotten about, or will he take his own life before, we as people power should stop any of this happening before its all to late for Gary and his family.

Alan Johnson needs to stop this clock now, its gone on far to long and the UK government including the Prime Minster Gordon Brown must put an halt to this.

Disappointing that how much we read in the news how various people get away with murder, rape, mass killing etc and they are sending this vulnerable man with a Registered Disability to the US,