Gary & Janis Sharp
Text “Gary” to 65000

A new Campaign has been launched today to save Garry Mckinnon, please get all your contact’s, and get all your  friends to text “GARY” to 65000.

Gary does not really have long left before our Government send him off to the US,  it’s people power can put an halt to this before its far too late for Gary and his family.

Alan Jonson, Gordon Brown can STOP this but why wont they? the US Government want to make an example of this vulnerable man with Autism (which is now recognised as a Disability under the DDA ACT),

It’s simple text “GARY” to 65000

Janis Sharp Gary’s Mother has spent years campaigning for his freedom, people can follow Gary’s mother on twitter for latest updates on the campaign and people can #tag #freegary for more updates.

Also the Daily Mail have backed Gary from the very start, as well as various Autism Charities including Staffordshire Adults Autistic Society (SAAS), UK Autism foundation Ivan Corea as also spoke with Kevin on Blogtalkradio and have both appealed to the US President to show compassion as well as writing to her Majesty the Queen,

other celebrities including Bob Gedof & Chrissy Hide have wrote a song and people can download this from hear  CHICAGO

David Cameron MP, Nick Clegg MP, Chris Grayling MP, Chris Huhne MP, James Brokenshire MP, David Burrowes MP, Mayor Boris Johnson, Baroness Sarah Ludford MEP, Keith Vaz MP, Charles Kennedy MP, Sir Menzies Campbell MP, Kate Hoey MP, David Blunkett MP, Andrew MacKinley MP, Lord Carlile QC, Vince Cable MP, Simon Hughes MP, Norman Baker MP Tim Loughton MP, Peter Kilfoyle MP, Lord Morris of Manchester, Lord Clement-Jones of Clapham, Alan Simpson MP, Tom Watson MP, among others and many more famous people are backing Gary to be tried in the UK.

Also Sarah Brown, Trudie Styler, Sting, David Gilmour, Julie Christie, Peter Gabriel, Keith Duffey, Emma Nobel, Terry Waite CBE, Tony Benn, Nick Hornby, Barry Norman, Jilly Cooper, Trevor Baylis, Dr Dawn Heather, Professor Baron-Cohen, Nadine Stavonina, Peter Howson, Dr. Liz Nelson OBE, Richard Madeley, Jonathan Ross, Stephen Fry and Duncan Bannatyne

“I fully support Autism SAAS & the petition Kevin Healey has launched to help to keep my son Gary McKinnon in the U.K” Janis Sharp”

sign the petition today click hear